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Creative Well-Being
Fitness Model Portfolio Photoshoot At Total Boxer
September 26 2017
Maya Abdou is an recreational boxer, who trains at Total Boxer in North London, and an aspiring Fitness Model. Maya commissioned me to capture a portfolio of images to showcase her impressive physique.
Lawrence Price’s Fitness Photoshoot Sponsored By The Active Man
June 6 2017
Lawerence Price is an exceptional Personal Trainer, who has been working diligently in the fitness industry for over 10 years. His charismatic personality and impeccable technical knowledge has propelled him to the forefront of the ever growing London based fitness scene.
Thoughts and Pavement Blog Running Photoshoot
April 9 2017
Award-winning blogger Miranda Markham of Thoughts and Pavement, who expertly blogs about all things running, recently commissioned me to help create new imagery for her blog and social media platforms.
Michael James Wong’s Yoga Photoshoot
March 14 2017
Michael James Wong is at the forefront of the wellness world leading the way with his voice, words and actions. All of which draw inspiration from his yoga practice and the positive effect it has had on his life, on and off the mat.
Fitness Model Style Photoshoot
November 10 2016
After the success of James Davis's Persona Trainer Photoshoot at Repton Boxing Club, James and I decided to work together again, this time taking on a fitness model style of photoshoot concentrating on muscle tone and form.
RAW FEST 2016: My Visual Highlights
August 5 2016
RAW FEST is a three day family focused festival featuring top expert speakers in health, nutrition and healing plus an array of mindful activities such as yoga, meditation, dance and music. All revolving around the best raw, vegan and organic food ever!