Featured: Yoga For Happy Mums
February 25 2016

I have been blessed to call Puran Prem Kaur of Karma Parent my Kundalini Yoga teacher for the past fifteen months. Kundalini Yoga to me is the perfect balance of mantra (sound), pranayama (breath), asana (posture) and meditation. All combined by the spiritual teachings of Yogi Bhajan, resulting in a very powerful practice known as the Yoga of Awareness.

Today is the launch of Puran Prem’s book Yoga for Happy Mums which I am honoured to say is fully illustrated with my photographs including the front cover.

Yoga for Happy Mums focuses on the real issues that mums of young children face: lack of sleep, low energy levels, stress, negative emotions (anxiety, guilt, depression, anger and irritability), fluctuating hormones, a weakened immune system, issues with body confidence and difficulties with addictions and relationships. Each chapter includes a discussion about how the particular issue applies to mums, a questionnaire so you can identify which are particularly relevant to you, some suggested points for reflection, guidance from the Kundalini Yoga tradition (including Top Tips such as dietary suggestions), a breathing practice, a physical Yoga set and a meditation. As mentioned the book is fully illustrated, with easy-to-understand instructions so that you can practise at home. You do not need any previous experience, or to be particularly flexible or physically fit in order to practise these sets.

Also, as Guru Dharam of the International School of Kundalini Yoga writes in his review “Although the title specifically targets mothers, this delightful book could be for anyone who would like to apply time tested yogic techniques to alleviate stress, insomnia, anxiety, guilt and anger while promoting body confidence, vitality, a strong immune system and hormonal balance.”

From my personal experience, gained through Puran Prem’s classes at The Yoga Barn, I cannot recommend the benefits of Kundalini Yoga enough. Yoga for Happy Mums allows you to learn from Puran Prem’s own journey through parenthood and life via her inspired wisdom, loving advice and actionable guidance, all from the comfort of your own home.

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