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Creative Well-Being
Her Lovely Heart: Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun
September 17 2015
We all have the ability to learn and read and study. We can all increase our knowledge base. But the sign of real, undisputed intelligence, is imagination, and there’s not enough emphasis on learning to leverage it to its fullest potential.
I Believe In …
August 28 2015
Inspired by my recent visit to the National Portrait Gallery exhibition 'Audrey Hepburn: Portraits Of An Icon' I came across the above quote by the leading lady herself.
RAW FEST 2015: My Visual Highlights
August 21 2015
Last weekend I had the total pleasure of spending three days in The New Forest photographing the 4th annual RAW FEST which was set amongst the enchanting grounds of Pylewell Park.
Her Lovely Heart: Comparison Is Creative Kryptonite
August 7 2015
Comparison is creative Kryptonite because what makes you unique is your own interpretation of things. Your unique factor is where your gifts, talent, and acquired skills intersect with your passion. What makes passion? Life experience and the way you choose to interpret it.
Dawn and Jim’s Wedding: Living The Dream
June 19 2015
For as long as I can remember photography and travel have always been two of my favourite things. So when Dawn and Jim asked me to travel from London to Cyprus to photograph their wedding it was like a dream come true.
The Art Of Being Selfish
June 17 2015
Recently I've been exploring the meaning of the word selfish and today I'd like to share with you what I discovered...