Paul Otote’s Vegan Bodybuilding Photoshoot Sponsored By Lululemon
July 27 2016

Paul Otote of DunguBook is a young ambitious entrepreneur making a name for himself, via his YouTube channel, as an inspirational source of actionable advice and motivation within the Vegan Bodybuilding world.

Paul’s aim is to show how you can achieve an impressive physique whilst being conscious of the foods you consume. Therefore chooses himself to eat a clean, balanced, animal product free diet which centres around whole foods such as beans, pulses, lentils and grains, plus plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

As he so candidly expresses through his Instagram posts, it is possible to live a fun, healthy and positive lifestyle as well as be dedicated to working out regularly.

Therefore our combined aim for Pauls Fitness Photoshoot, captured at Intensity Gym in Edgware London, was to illustrate this admirable mission and break down the myths surrounding the Bodybuilding industry. Which in my opinion has a misguided reputation for being all about steroids, protein shakes, restrictive diets and obsessive workout programs. And going by the images below this obviously does not have to be the case…

Lululemon is an activewear brand who’s concept stems from the idea of wanting, just like Paul, to educate people about the physical aspects of healthy living; from exercise and diet, to the mental aspects of living a powerful life of possibilities. Therefore the perfect choice of clothing when it came to Paul’s Fitness Photoshoot. Their use of technical fabrics combined with innovative construction techniques, create functional garments which help you unlock your ultimate performance potential.

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