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Creative Well-Being
World Book Day: Wise Women, Wise Words
March 3 2016
With it being World Book Day I wanted to share with you a brief introduction and some of my favourite quotes from the books I have recently read. All of which are written by an inspirational group of female authors leading and shaping a movement, that I believe will radically shift man kind's outlook on how we can all benefit from deeply respecting the divine powers of the female body and mind.
Featured: Yoga For Happy Mums
February 25 2016
Today is the launch of Puran Prem's book Yoga for Happy Mums which I am honoured to say is fully illustrated with my photographs including the front cover. Yoga for Happy Mums focuses on the real issues that mums of young children face: lack of sleep, low energy levels, stress, negative emotions (anxiety, guilt, depression, anger and irritability), fluctuating hormones, a weakened immune system, issues with body confidence and difficulties with addictions and relationships.
Listen To Your Inner Child
February 19 2016
The joys of being a child are to love and be loved unconditionally, to look at the world with wide-eyed curiosity and to be restricted only by your own imagination. A child listens and learns with such intensity and asks ‘why’ only because they want to understand. They haven't yet learnt how to be anything but themselves, but at the same time their imagination allows them to be and do anything they can dream.
Choose Again
February 12 2016
Your life is a result of the choices you make. If you don't like your life, it's time to start making better choices. Our ability to choose is the greatest power we possess.
… and the word of the day is NEW!
February 8 2016
I’m super proud to share with you all my new look website, which has just returned from the virtual beauticians where it had the full works!
Her Lovely Heart: Don’t Wait For Opportunities, Create Them.
October 16 2015
Most of us spend a life time passively waiting for the right opportunity to come along. We wait for an opportunity to be offered a better job, to make more money, for the right woman or man, or to start something new.