IamVibes Yoga Wear Collaboration
April 22 2016

IamVibes is a Yoga and active wear brand, empowering the female energy through inspiring a conscious and creative lifestyle. An inspiring ethos, close to my own heart, therefore an obvious first choice when I decided I wanted to collaborate with like minded brands and expand my well-being and fitness portfolio.

Tom Hardless’s, the founder of iamVibes, mission is to help protect, uplift, respect and empower the female energy within all of us. This purpose is captured through Tom’s designs and fabric patterns, which range from the bespoke iamVibes Hamsa symbol, to enchanted feather motifs and Californian inspired colours.

To compliment and embellish these looks I choose the ARTOGI lotus design Yoga mat, which is literally a piece of art in itself created by MrPiper. As well as the #spiritualista cuff by Star Of The Sea.

Deep bows of gratitude to all the amazing brands and talented team.

Clothing: iamVibes

Model: Laura Hopgood

Hair and Make-Up: Laura Glove

Stylist: Sheila Almasi

Yoga mat: ARTOGI

Silver cuff: Star Of The Sea