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Creative Well-Being
Making you look and feel like the best version of yourself
July 2 2018
When I set up Photographic Blonde, back in 2008, my interests, motivations and intentions were very different from what they are today.  As I have personally evolved, changed and matured, so has my business. To the point that I felt “Photographic Blonde" no longer encapsulated all I have to offer, not only as a photographer but as a qualified personal trainer and Kundalini yoga teacher. Therefore I decided it was time, with the help of Plait Creative,  to re-brand; changing the name and visuals of my new company CREATIVE WELL-BEING.
Isa-Welly’s Pilates Photoshoot Featuring Adidas
March 14 2018
Welly of isawelly.com is a wellness and fitness coach, who specialises in teaching health conscious women how to become healthier, stronger and more aligned with themselves. She is also a certified STOTT Pilates Instructor and professional dancer, who just happens to be one of my favourite people to photograph! We recently collaborated on a photoshoot at Paper Dress Yoga Studio, inspired by pilates, contemporary dance and yoga,  to create content for Welly's social media and website, featuring sportswear by Adidas.
Planet Gong Stands Branding Photoshoot
February 4 2018
Lou Maurer of Planet Gong Stands commissioned me to capture new visuals of his hand crafted adjustable timber gong stands, for his website and social media accounts.    
Ricky Manetta’s MMA Krav Maga Photoshoot
November 7 2017
Ricky Manetta invited me to his martial arts studio at Synergy Fitness, in Essex, to capture one of his legendary MMA KRAV MAGA classes.
Boxing for The Pride of London Event
October 17 2017
I had the total honour of capturing the Taxi Charity "London Black Cab Drivers Boxing For The Pride Of London" event at the Carneys Community venue, to help raise money for military veterans. The atmosphere, camaraderie and general banter was entertaining to say the least.
Fitness Model Portfolio Photoshoot At Total Boxer
September 26 2017
Maya Abdou is an recreational boxer, who trains at Total Boxer in North London, and an aspiring Fitness Model. Maya commissioned me to capture a portfolio of images to showcase her impressive physique.