Isa-Welly Pilates Photoshoot Sponsored By Lululemon
July 15 2016

Isa-Welly is an all round mover and shaker, with a background in dance and a passion for health and vitality, she has become an amazing Pilates Instructor and Wellness Coach. Not only that Welly, like myself, is fiercely passionate about helping people empower themselves and live life to its fullest.

Therefore when it came to choosing the clothing for Welly’s Pilates themed Fitness Photoshoot the obvious choice was Lululemon.

Lululemon is an activewear brand who’s concept stems from the idea of wanting to educate people about the physical aspects of healthy living; from yoga and diet, to running and cycling, as well as the mental aspects of living a powerful life of possibilities.

With their mission statement being “to create components for people to live longer, healthier, fun lives” – it was as if Welly was their muse.

Welly selected three looks, with the help of Lululemons Kings Road store’s incredibly friendly staff, which perfectly enhanced her strong and athletic physique whilst she demonstrated her Pilates based skills and techniques. All of which was captured at East of Eden’s Yoga and Pilates studio.

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