Thoughts and Pavement Blog Running Photoshoot
April 9 2017

Award-winning blogger Miranda Markham of Thoughts and Pavement, who expertly blogs about all things running, recently commissioned me to help create new imagery for her blog and social media platforms.

By investing in a professional photographer Miranda committed to taking the content of her blog to the next level with brand specific, high-quality, bespoke images which will illustrate the informative and motivational posts she creates, for months to come.

The location and backdrops of the photoshoot were along some of Miranda favourite running routes, in Islington London, which ranged from colourful canal towpaths, to blossom filled parks and quiet residential areas.

During the photoshoot we captured action shots as well as details of Miranda’s outfits, including her personalised NIKEiD trainers and Sarah Marie Design Studio sweatshirt, so that her readers can get an insight into all aspects of her training and running lifestyle.

Miranda has written an amazing review of her running themed Fitness Photoshoot experience here, in which she shares even more images, as well as a code to receive a special offer on your own Fitness Photoshoot.