Social Media: Do It For Love Not Likes
March 20 2015

Social media has gained a reputation for being a source of darkness that promotes negativity, but in my opinion social media, when used correctly, can be a source of light that promotes positivity. The outcome is totally down to you – the user.

So instead of viewing or using social media as a means to gossip, bully, demoralize and belittle (both yourself or others), consider social media as a tool for personal growth. Consciously choose to use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to gain inspiration and motivation, as well as raise your spirit and focus your desires.

Social media has redefine what “social” means by gathering like-minded people instantaneously across the world. If you choose to positively connect to people via social media you can now find classmates, mentors and gurus and educate yourself while expanding your beliefs through a wealth of wisdom both past and present.

As Deepak Chopra suggests “Use social media as a platform. Upon this platform you can build a structure of values to positively focus your attention. Among the most important values, which will undoubtedly evolve over time, are: empathy and compassion, self-esteem, non-judgment of self or others, open mindedness and tolerance, being able to love and be loved, self-awareness, personal truth, healing, self-care, a higher vision of life, spiritual seeking. Look for groups, movements, websites and like minded people you can connect with to expand your chosen values.”

But don’t stop at your own personal growth, help others by fully utilizing the tools social media has to offer by sharing what you discover. Be that high-tech high-vibe friend who supports, elevates and empowers others.

Like Gabriell Bernstein I too strongly believe we as bloggers, loyal Instagramers, Tweeters and Facebook junkies have a power equal to journalists and broadcasters to effect the media. As Gabby explains with this power comes great responsibility “We are the media. Maybe you’ve never really thought of yourself in that way, but if you have a blog, you are the media. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you are the media. You are posting messages in real-time about what’s going on in the world, what’s going on in your life, and what’s going on in your heart and mind. At your fingertips is a tool more powerful than you may have recognized. With this power, however, comes responsibility. We must take ownership of what it means to be a messenger. As users of social media, we collectively have an opportunity to put forth positive, empowering content.”

Your life is a message to others, and it touches people in ways you’ll never even know, through your actions and words. Consider the difference between personal and impersonal contact. Social media is impersonal because you aren’t in the same room with the person and can’t hear their tone of voice. Written messages tends to be very impersonal so you have to make sure that you add a personal element back into what you are trying to say. Use kind and impeccable words as much as possible. As  I mentioned in my recent guest blog post for Her Lovely Heart “I am a sucker for a positive affirmation, uplifting quotes, or a thought provoking phrase, a favourite of mine being ‘One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself’.” Keep this in mind as you post, comment, tweet and share. But if you do find yourself spreading doom and gloom as well as comparing yourself or judging others, stop and redirect your attention to something or someone more positive.

I love this video of Gabby’s where she encourages us all to share empowering messages by committing to 30 days of positive posting on the internet …

I hope you do too ?

Image taken by Francesco Scavullo, 1953. The first mobile phone maybe ?