Rewrite Your Life Story
September 25 2015

We all have a story, one that consists of various chapters that span the course of a life time and more than likely feature classic tales of adventure, comedy, horror, romance and everything in between. These stories are what make us who we think we are and determine how we portray ourselves to the rest of the world.

Telling our story is something we do everyday. We continually tell our own story in our own minds, as well as tell it to others too. Every conversion we have is in some way a reflection of a past experience. Our internal dialogue is infused with memories of things that happened before and with our every action we’re either moving towards or away from reenacting another version of that experience.

Everything we experience is initially perceived through our senses –  sight, touch, sound, taste, or smell which generates some kind of feeling. That feeling then creates a thought, which then becomes an emotion, labeling the experience as good or bad, right or wrong, happy or sad. At this point we begin to assign different meanings to life experiences.

The various meanings we interpret about our experiences become the very narratives of our life story.  Therefore, if we constantly interpret our life experiences as being negative, we subsequently form limiting beliefs about ourselves. And as a result of these limiting beliefs fear, pain, frustration and suffering become the leading chapters of our life story.

However, the good news is that we are the only author of our own stories, or as I like to think, the co-authour along with the Universe. Either way we are the ones who can write the story and we have the ability to change the narrative at anytime. The question for some, however, is where do we begin when we have a lifetime of imprinted memories and repressed emotions that drive our every thought, word and action?

The answer is simple, we can start by looking at how we interpret past experiences. We always have the choice in how we interrupt events, circumstances and interactions with others. We can choose to focus on all the negatives, which ultimately leads to more fear, pain, frustration and suffering. Or we can choose to focus on the positive by looking  for what is right and find the gifts or opportunities which will lead to more potential, joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Remember we are the ones who construct our stories in the first place, therefore, we also have the power to edit existing chapters, write and ultimately publish new chapters right now.

Image via Barefoot Blonde