RAW FEST 2015: My Visual Highlights
August 21 2015

Last weekend I had the total pleasure of spending three days in The New Forest photographing the 4th annual RAW FEST which was set amongst the enchanting grounds of Pylewell Park.

RAW FEST is a festival which encourages a drug, alcohol and junk food free environment for people who are looking for the opportunity to relax and replenish while revelling in the joys of Mother Nature.

There was everything you would hope for from a festival, retreat or healthy lifestyle event such as …

Mouthwatering freshly prepared raw, vegan, organic food and drinks, a varied selection of clean living brands offering high quality produce, a multitude of group meditations and yoga classes taught by very skilled teachers, all presented in comfortable and creative surroundings.

Then, once you had recharged your body and awoken your soul, there was a impressive program of expert lectures and workshops to expand your mind with the help of key speakers such as Lia Aquila the founder of RAW FEST, Sarah GrahamEllie BedfordGraham Jevon and the Rocking Raw Chef a.k.a Barbara Fernandez. All of whom championed the benefits of living a conscious lifestyle based upon vitality and wellness.

And if that wasn’t enough there was also outstanding entertainment by the likes of Jack Pout. Plus every day was brought to a close around the campfire with storytelling and even more music.

But RAW FEST was so much more than just a festival, retreat or event. It was a place for open minded, kind-hearted, fun loving people to come together. And what an amazing community, with their free-spirited children and very cute dogs (who were celebrated at the dog show).

The ultimate highlight for me, that captured the indescribable feel good factor which radiated from everyone all weekend, was the Sunday morning RAWship hosted by Glory Morningville. It was an inspirational, energising dance party where you were encouraged to let go and simply be yourself.

A massive thank you to the RAW FEST team, volunteers and vendors who all helped create an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait till next year of which super early bird tickets have already gone on sale RAW FEST!!