Portraiture: Goddess Acumen
July 18 2014

After photographing my fellow Athena member Dominique Antiglio of Besphro, word got around our networking group and I was asked by Helen Johnson of Goddess Acumen to create a new profile for her website and social media accounts too.

What I love about photographing fellow female entrepreneurs is that not only do I get the chance to work my magic and make them look and feel like the best versions of themselves, but also I get to learn all about their fabulous businesses.

Helen specializes in helping women to find freedom, purpose and balance by exploring goddesses and connecting to their powerful energies. By doing so Helen helps her clients understand the way that these energies are expressed in their own lives. Thus giving their own inner goddess the opportunity to empower, inspire and guide them to an abundant and successful living.

Helen uses a range of powerful therapeutic and personal development techniques that help the mind and body. One of these techniques being EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka Tapping.

Since I met Helen she has taught me the practice of EFT which I instantly felt the positive results of and was able to continue working on myself, with the help of Helen’s clear instructions, at home or when required. I’d highly recommend Helen and all the amazing talented skills she has to offer.

Taking into consideration what Goddess Acumen represents and how Helen wanted to portray herself, we decided upon a soft and feminine yet reassured look which was enhanced by some subtle hair and make-up by Bethany Swan. All of this was achieved in the convenience and comfort of Helen’s home in North London.

Helen kindly wrote to thank me after the shoot and said “Photographic Blonde, working with you was a great experience from start to finish. The shoot was fun and relaxed. You made it all really easy. Thank you for all your support in helping me choosing the right photos for my website and making sure I was completely happy with the finished product too. I’m delighted with the final photos! Not only that but I’ve also had a lot of comments about them from other people – they’re all really impressed with your work.”

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Image retouched by Kathleen Smerdon.