Listen To Your Inner Child
February 19 2016

“Each of us at the centre of your own little Universe in the playground of life” The Numinous.

The joys of being a child are to love and be loved unconditionally, to look at the world with wide-eyed curiosity and to be restricted only by your own imagination. A child listens and learns with such intensity and asks ‘why’ only because they want to understand. They haven’t yet learnt how to be anything but themselves, but at the same time their imagination allows them to be and do anything they can dream. They laugh and smile often because there’s not much else that feels better than that. And when there is something they want to do, they go for it without hesitation because they believe anything is possible. They just be the best version of themselves because that is how life should be.

In my opinion these innocent characteristics and natural inner guidance live on within all of us, no matter how many times the Earth has revolved around the Sun during our lifetime. If anything our adult self simply forgot the way back to the playground of life, as it were, and needs a little guidance and who better to ask for direction than your inner child.

For she is the wild and free being you were before some event or series of events separated you from her. She is you before you began to listen to your ego and let fear settle into your growing bones, creating a distance and a disconnect between your body and your soul. She is you before you forgot that she is the most powerful and reliable element of you.

We can remember with as little as an exhale that it is imperative to honour that powerful little girl within, to cherish her vulnerability as a strength, to experience her vast capacity to love and to take action with her unfaltering faith that absolutely anything is possible. For she is wise beyond her years and knows the way home.

Therefore reconnect and create a dialog with her, be it by journalling or an internal conversation. Think about what you would say to her and what she would say to you ? Speak from your heart with love, light, compassion and forgiveness, then openly receive the wisdom of your inner child. Your inner guidance.

So the next time you feel lost and unsure of your next step remember who you were when you were young and free and life had no limits but your imagination. Be the adult you would have looked up to, respected and admired when you were a child.

Image by Mariano Peccinetti