Kathleen & Darren’s Wedding: The Girl Next Door
June 5 2015

While growing up, Kathleen literally was the girl next door for Darren. They lived on the same road, went to the same school and socialised within the same group of friends from the age of four. Even after they both moved away from home to go to separate Universities, they kept in contact and their paths continued to cross during holidays and celebrations which more often than not pivoted around the same close group of childhood friends.

Throughout all these years I believe it was no secret that Darren had somewhat of a soft spot for Kathleen, however for one reason or another, the time was never right for their friendship to develop beyond just that. Until the unforgettable summer of 2012 when relentless positive thinking paid off, causing situations to shift and destiny to become the final destination.

Fast-forward to 9th May 2015. Kathleen, her twin sister Jessica and their younger brother Jack returned to their childhood home, on that very same road where Kathleen and Darren met all those years ago, to prepare for Kathleen and Darren’s wedding day. Kathleen wore a stunning dress from David’s Bridal accompanied by Gianvito Rossi shoes, a bespoke hair piece made by her very own fair hands and a beautiful bouquet containing an array of yellow flowers, including the affectionately named “Billy Balls”, being Kathleen’s favorite colour and the catalyst of the day’s reoccurring colour scheme.

Kathleen’s 1950’s look was perfected by the very talented Bethany Swan showcasing Kathleen’s signature black eyeliner, red lips and nails. All of which was emotionally greeted by her father John.

Miss Smerdon became Mrs Turner during a small and intimate ceremony at the Hackney Town Hall in East London, where Kathleen and Darren were surrounded by their family and close friends.

As the legalities came to an end it was time for the fun to commence. Starting with Prosecco being served, by Kathleen and Darren’s good friend Sam, on a classic London Routemaster as the wedding party made their way to Happenstance, a modern and chic venue overlooking the ironic London landmark of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Here Kathleen and Darren’s guests did what they do best – socialize, whilst being served another British classic – Pimms. Knowing their nearest and dearest were in the very accommodating hands of the Happenstance staff the three of us set off on my favorite part of any wedding day – couple portrait time!

St Paul’s and the surrounding area, with it’s quiet back streets, hidden courtyards, grand architecture and historic details made the perfect backdrop for me to show off just how insanely photogenic Kathleen and Darren are.

Not only is Kathleen a stunning bride but she is also my BFF! Photographing someone you are so close and in tune with is a total joy, particularly when they are a creative too, as you know what each other is thinking without either one of you speaking. Even though Kathleen and I could have carried on doing what we do best for hours and hours, Darren kindly reminded us that it was time for the party to continue … but not before I captured a portrait of my favourite twin sisters.

And party they sure did, with plenty of sentiment, as well as very funny speeches, dancing and lots of cake eating.

All images retouched by Photographer’s Edit.