Her Lovely Heart: The Importance Of Feeding Creativity With A Time Out
January 16 2015

In the conclusion of my last guest blog post for Her Lovely Heart, about managing your business while traveling, I mentioned how important it is to take some downtime to rest your mind and body, but to also replenish your creativity. I strongly believe it is very important for all creatives to fill them selves up from the inside out, so that they have more than enough energy to do what they do best – create.

The way you fill yourself up is entirely your choice, all I suggest is that you try to make choices that take care of your mind, body and soul so that you are balanced and complete. Think of the things you do in your downtime as creative fuel: the better quality of activity, the better quality of creative fuel will be produced, and inevitably, the better quality work you will create.

And if replenishing your creativity doesn’t sound like enough of a reason to take some time out, here are five more benefits to convince you of the importance of down time:

  • help gain perspective
  • improve your mood
  • increases your concentration
  • reduces frustration
  • helps you sleep better

That’s all very well, you may think, but still feel that you don’t have the time to read a book, take a yoga class, visit an exhibition, take a walk, or to simply sit and be. Treating ourselves is also often deemed as counterproductive, because too often we have a tendency to go for the external win, glory, fame or money at the cost of our internal wellness. And that’s because many of us don’t value inner attunement as much as we value outer attainment.

If this is the case for you, then think of your downtime as a fundamental business practise or cost, like having your camera equipment serviced or buying new materials. It’s something you should do if you want your business to benefit and develop. Go as far as scheduling the time in, if need be. The more time and effort you invest in yourself, the more your business will thank you for it.

What is your creative fuel made up of ?