Her Lovely Heart: Feeling The Fear And Doing It Anyway
April 30 2015

If the truth be told we are all one choice away from a new beginning. Every choice begins with an intention, your intentions create your thoughts, your thoughts create your choices, and your choices create your life. So if it is that simple why aren’t we all living in our dream world full of smart choices? FEAR! It is fear that encourages us to make the wrong choices.

Every choice you make defines your future in one way or another, so think about where your choice originates from before you react – is it static or dynamic, wrong or smart, fearful or fearless?

Static choices

Static choices are formed from ancient limiting beliefs, social conditioning, set limits and safe comfort zones. This negative mindset then creates a belief system based on fear from the past that we recreate in the present and project on to the future. And before you know it you are stuck on a merry-go-round too fearful to jump off.

Dynamic choices

You also have dynamic choices, which embrace the here and now. You know when you are making smart choices because you don’t second guess yourself, nor question your ability to follow through. You feel free, safe and energized. Your mind is also open to the endless possibilities that await you.

Be Smart about it

Here is how I remind myself to make S.M.A.R.T dynamic choices, be it for personal or professional reasons:

Stretch more than you can reach. You deserve the best.
Miracles do happen. Believe in yourself.
Align yourself with your inner truth. You will be guided.
Recognise progress and achievements. You have made smart choices before so you can do it again.
Time. All great achievements require time.

Getting passed your fears

What to do if your heart calls you to do something different because you know deep down there is more to life than your present situation, but you are too scared to do anything about it? First of all, forgive yourself for having fear-based habits. At the time you formed them, you didn’t consciously know any better. Know it will take time to break these habits and detach yourself from fear, but the more you welcome a shift in perception, the easier it will become.

Second, take time to regularly tune out the continuous noise of this crazy world we live in and listen intently to the silence. Most likely you will instinctively know what to do. Trust yourself. If your dream turns out to be unconventional or out of the ordinary that is totally fine, too, as long as it sits comfortably with you is all that matters – go for it!

So, the next time you feel the fear call on your inner Joan of Arc – be brave, laugh in its face and then say out loud: ‘You are not real. You are just an illusion created by my misguided imagination’. Pass on this message to all those you know who are struggling to make that leap of faith, too, and encourage them to jump with you.

Remember, you have the right to choose what is best for you at every moment of your life, so listen to your inner self and know that when your choices come from your most fearless, optimistic, authentic, loving self, it will be a choice that inevitably moves you to success.