Her Lovely Heart: 4 Ways To Add Good Karma To Your Business
March 13 2015

I am a sucker for a positive affirmation, uplifting quotes (such as Her Lovely Heart’s Instaquotes), or a thought provoking phrase, a favourite of mine being ‘One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself’. I believe this is a golden rule that should be adhered to both personally and professionally.

There are many qualities we all appreciate being shown, whoever we are or whatever we do. But sometimes on our quests for success in business our ego can make us forget our manors and grace. However it is amazing what you and your business can achieve starting with a kind gesture, thoughtful greeting or a polite word.

Begin by reaching out to your community of fellow artists, industry colleagues and like minded people. Participate in online forums, attend networking groups or social gatherings, get involved in events both profitable and non-profitable. Or if none of the above exist in your field of expertise then create your own, even if it’s a simple meet up over coffee once a month. Be sure to really listen to what people have to say, taking notes on how you, or people you may know, could help them and vice versa.

Consider these 4 different ways you can add more good karma to your business practice:

1 Collaboration

Share each other’s talents and resources to produce work that you may not be able to achieve or create alone.

2 Cross-Promotion 

Support one and other by using each other’s services or referring to other businesses.

3 Recommendations

If you can’t fulfil a booking or commission due to a prior arrangement, pass the business on to someone who you know is available and/or in need of the work.

4 Testimonials

Genuine testimonials are priceless promotional material. Lead by example and take the time to share your positive experiences via email, social media or your blog.

Finally, remember the Universe has an abundance of prosperity to offer. There is more than enough success to go around for everybody, it is just our own fears and insecurities that tell us otherwise. So never hold back when it comes to championing others. Like, share, comment, re-tweet and follow to your hearts content, as if the law of attraction is anything to go by, your time to shine will inevitably come, too. And when it does, never forget where you started. Help others and empathise with those who are in the same position you were in five years ago, a year ago or maybe only six months ago. Give them the leg up you had, or wished you had.

I encourage you to build a reputation for your business based on gratitude, support, understanding, kindness, generosity and love, just like you would want others to treat you.

How do you add more good karma to your business practice?