Friday’s Child is Loving And Giving: You Were Born Perfect
May 29 2015

You were born perfect. Take that fact in. Say it to yourself, know it and believe it, because it is true. Between your birth and now you’ve learned a lot. You’ve put thoughts in your mind that have led you to action. However, some of those actions may have left you feeling that you’re far from perfect.

So if you are on a quest to feel satisfaction from being closer to perfection, or less imperfect, particularly when it comes to your body image, stop! You’ve made it. More clearly, you made it without effort the day you were born. If you don’t believe that, it’s because you’ve been repeatedly told by yourself or others to believe all the lies that make you think it’s not a reality.

In the last month there has been the usual seasonal empathise on body image spurred on by thoughts of warmer days wearing summer outfits that reveal more of our bodies. This year the pressure to focus on perfecting our bodies was highlighted by Protein Worlds “Are you beach body ready” advertising champagne, which received an impressive back lash from the women of London and beyond. My favorite spoof of all was by Dove.

I have a huge amount of respect for the efforts Dove goes to help alter the perception women have of their body image. A subject very close to my heart and one which I will be exploring through my photography over the following months. Watch this space!

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Do you now see the obstacles that have been put in your life between your effortless perfection and any false notion that has you believing the lies? To prove it to yourself, all you have to do is remove everything, one by one, that has distanced you from your initial state of perfection as God (or whoever you resonate with) intended you. But you don’t have to actually do anything physical, it’s just your perception that has to change if you don’t believe. So go and participate in every moment of your life knowing you are already perfect and witness the change it has on you and those around you.

Main image from Denise Bidot