Friday’s Child Is Loving And Giving: Spring Cleaning The Mind And Body
April 24 2015

Yay! Spring has officially sprung! I don’t know about you, but this time of year always inspires me. My head is in a good place, I feel rejuvenated, empowered and positive. “Positive mindset” is a buzz word phrase used a lot in the wellness world and today I would like to share a theory to help you feel the same way about your mind and body.

Your mind is your Kingdom. I believe you are the King or Queen of your own thinking and without doubt you have complete control and authority of your mind and can rule your own kingdom as you see fit.

However, like all Kingdoms, our minds have enemies otherwise know as “the voices in our heads.” Sometimes these voices can say some rather nasty things – we can hold beliefs and thoughts that can limit or stop us from doing things. These are what we call “limiting beliefs”.

It’s important to notice when the voices in your mind are talking and then take control of them. We have the power to pause these voices, we can turn down their volume and, more importantly, we can re-programme these voices too. We can re-programme the limiting beliefs to something much more useful and positive and we can choose something to be true and hold “enabling beliefs” that will help us to achieve our goals.

Enabling beliefs are inspirational, energizing and motivational, just like Spring. They can help us unlock our thinking and be curious about a situation so we can get a different perspective. As Henry Ford famously said “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always had.” However, if we choose to hold an enabling belief to be true in certain situations to help us and others, we can move forward and achieve our objectives, desires and dreams.

Therefore, if something isn’t working and you are doing the “same old thing” over and over again, doing something differently might give you a different (and maybe better) result. By seizing an opportunity to try or see things in a different way you are opening up all sorts of possibilities – and if you don’t try things in a different way, how will you know what you are missing out on?

So if your mind is your Kingdom then your body is your castle and you guessed it – exactly the same theory as above applies. You have complete control and authority of your body and can rule your own castle as you see fit.

As I have said before “Your body is a reflection of every emotion you feel, every thought you think and every word you speak.” Words can make you sick, or healed, heavy or light. Here’s an experiment that might prove it. 

Therefore be kind to yourself when it comes to both your mind and body. In true Friday’s Child Is Loving And Giving style I’d like to share with you a few more ways that you can do this which I discovered on my travels in the blogosphere this month.

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Images from Grey Magazine