July 2 2018

When I set up Photographic Blonde, back in 2008, my interests, motivations and intentions were very different from what they are today.

As I have personally evolved, changed and matured, so has my business. To the point that I felt “Photographic Blonde” no longer encapsulated all I have to offer, not only as a photographer but as a qualified personal trainer and Kundalini yoga teacher. Therefore I decided it was time, with the help of Plait Creative, to re-brand; changing the name and visuals of my new company CREATIVE WELL-BEING.

The Name.

Creative: having the quality or power of creating.

Well-being: the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous.

First and foremost I will always consider myself a photographer. Photography is my trade, gift, passion, inspiration, natural form of expression, and creative outlet.

After studying photography for 4 years and working as a professional photographer for more than 16 years. It quite simply is – what I do.

However, over more recent years my photographic work has been heavily influenced by my ever increasing interest in all things fitness, and the discovery of Kundalini Yoga. Both of which I believe create a state of well-being.

The Logo.

Is predominantly made up of the  symbol for manifestation, depicted in grey.

The three sides of the triangle and connecting dots also represent the three elements of the business: Photography, Fitness and Yoga.

This is echoed by the white dots and downward facing triangle, that symbolises the divine feminine. Creating a balance between the male and female energies.

Combining all of the above within a circle pays reference to the moon and planets, found within the astrological teaching of Kundalini yoga.

Finally the purple colour scheme is a representation of my spiritual influences.