Addy & Ash’s Wedding: This Is What Love Looks Like
November 3 2014

For me a wedding is a passionate commitment fueled by love. But what is love? Philosophers, poets and musicians have been trying to describe it for centuries, but still the answer remains elusive, as it means so many different things to many different people. The Oxford Dictionary says: “It is a strong feeling of affection.” But, for me and hopefully many others reading my posts, surely it is more than that?

Being a person that finds it easier to express themselves through images rather than through words, I thought I would try and show you instead. To me this is what love looks like…

Addy’s day started at the Bromley Court Hotel where I took advantage of their grand stair case to photograph her beautiful Morilee wedding dress, stunning Kurt Geiger shoes and lovely flowers by The Great British Florist.

What I love about these flowers is not only are they all grown within the UK, but were a surprise too, in the sense Addy opted for The Great British Florist to make her boutique with the most beautiful blooms that were available in their florist on the day, working with the mind set that mother nature often knows best. Resulting in a rustic arrangement that looks like they have just been gathered from an English garden which tied in perfectly with the rest of the days details.

Luckly Addy had her adorable niece to help ease those last minute nerves as her classic bridal look was perfected just in time for her very proud father to come and escort her to The Warren which would be the setting for her and Ash’s special day.

The Warren is a very special place for Ash and his family and hold’s many happy memories. Therefore, it only seemed right that with the help of both their family and friends, Ash and Addy continued that tradition by adding even more memories to it’s rooms and grounds.

It is here that Ash waited as Addy adorned herself with her great grandmothers antique lace veil, that she herself wore exactly 88 years ago to the day on her own wedding day, as did Addy’s mother too.

I love a man that takes pride in his appearance and adore a groom that puts as much time and effort into his look as his bride. Both of which, I think you’ll agree, Ash did very well.

The ceremony was made up of a very touching service that celebrated love both past and present, as well as the most heart bursting personalized wedding vows. It was a joy to witness along side Addy and Ash nearest and dearest.

The rustic style of Addy’s floral bouquet was reflected in the autumnal look of the other wedding details. All of which Addy and Ash sourced or created themselves by hand, down to the bespoke A&A motif that tied everything together beautifully. The level of detail and consideration was seriously impressive including the customized Converse trainers Addy had embroidered to insure herself and Ash could enjoy their evening reception in comfort and style.

So if you are still a little unsure of what love is or what it looks like take a look at this next collection of images and let me know what you think?

Images retouched by Photographer’s Edit.